Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law

Our excellent team of IT solicitors specialises in helping clients protect their product, negotiate their contracts and defend their rights to covers the entire spectrum of IT and technology law and practice

Software provider contracts - we assist software providers with contract negotiations across a range of sectors. Many of our clients operate in the FinTech space, so we have regular dealings with major banks and financial service providers

EULAs (End User License Agreements) - we help with the assembly of EULA software service agreements, development agreements, support and maintenance agreements, channel partner agreements and managed service agreements

Contract disputes - our team can confidently handle contract disputes and litigation, covering the whole spectrum of IT law, specifically regarding non-payment of fees and/or early termination, and also disputes relating to the ownership of intellectual property

Data protection - our data protection lawyers offer professional advice on how to securely protect business data and digitalised information, as well as cloud support

Internet law/website advice - nternet law/website advice our IT lawyers instruct clients on how to protect their online assets including websites If your IT legal requirements coincide with Intellectual Property Law, we can utilize our knowledge and expertise to provide you with the required possible legal support