Leave / Holidays

1.Statutory Holidays

 With regard to statutory holidays, an employee is entitled to the following,

1.1 Shop & Office Employees

The holiday on full pay or

  • A holiday in lieu taken before the end of the calendar year
  • Double pay for work performed on the holiday. In such an event, no holiday in lieu need be granted.

 1.2 Wages Boards

Shall be in accordance with the decisions of the relevant Wages Boards in the absence of such decisions, shall be regulated by agreement between parties.

 * If an employee is employed on a statutory holiday declared under the Act, he is entitled to;

  • An extra day’s salary or
  • An alternative holiday with pay before 31st December.

 * If an employee is employed on a Poya Day, he is entitled to;

 An extra half day’s salary if he is monthly paid as the salary for the poya day is included in his monthly salary.

  • One and half (1 1/2) times the normal daily rate, irrespective of the number of hours worked, if the employee is on a daily rate of pay.  

2.Leave (under Shop and Office Act)

 2.1  Annual leave

 A Shop or Office Employee is entitled to take 14 days holidays.

 2.2 Casual & Sick leave

 Not more than 07 days leave in the year.

 2.3 Medical leave

 The Act does not provide for medical leave. It will be granted on the sole discretion of the company and generally it is stated in the appointment letter.

 2.4 Maternity Leave

 For females covered by Shop and Office Employees’ Act –

 *  For birth of first and second child - 84 working days

*  For birth of a third or subsequent child – 42 working days