Media / Telecom Law

Media and broadcasting law

Media, broadcasting and entertainment industry is facing many challenges as it is being transformed by new technology as well as Government policy

Our team understands the print, internet and broadcasting media in the island.

Our expertise includes:

  • advice and compliance on industry regulatory affairs
  • advertising contracts
  • media technologies, digital broadcasting and multi-channeling issues
  • ownership of commercial media, press, free-to-air television and radio and pay TV

Telecommunication law

The firm is skilled in advising on the full range of telecommunication related matters that includes 

  • interconnection and wholesaling agreements
  • the regulatory regime under the present legislations 
  • outsourcing arrangements
  • contracts between telecommunication service providers and major customers, including those governing the supply and management of telecommunication services
  • competition law, antitrust and trade practice issues that arise in the telecommunications context.