Property Law

Conveyancing  and Notarial Services:

A Notary Public plays a pivotal role in the legal arena, as he is an independent, trustworthy, government appointed officer who intervenes in a vast variety of legal transactions to attest not only as to the facts, but also as to the validity and legality of the acts and transactions, that according to law, must be executed before him in his capacity as a guarantor of the legal certainty of the said acts and transactions.

We, at Chambers Colombo with well experienced professionals offer a comprehensive range of Conveyancing and Notarial services including  examination of title, transfers of land/property and connected sale agreements, mortgage bonds (commercial and residential) lease agreements and  Condominium property  transaction .

With a well established network of para - legal  staff , we have a proven track record of speedy delivery of legal documentation and conclude transactions in minimum turnaround time