Quality Policy

Our principal objective is to provide our clients with legal and corporate services that are consistent in quality, customized to meet their specific requirements and speed of delivery within the shortest possible time frame. In addition to that we provide all our services conforming to Supreme Courts Rules of Sri Lanka and the Directions of The Register of Companies of Sri Lanka. In order to achieve this purpose we have adopted a quality-management system complying with ISO 9001:2015 international standards and deployed objectives to relevant authority levels of the organization.

We convey lasting benefits to our clients whether they consult us for Legal and Company Secretarial Services.

We are committed to the implementation and regular review of this policy, in order to continually improve and meet our clients' and stakeholders’ expectations through the adoption of latest infrastructure and conducive work environment with maintaining a competent professional and administrative staff.

We continuously sustain our organization through timely response to all risks and opportunities arise in the internal and external context and dealing with all relevant stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Chambers Colombo & Secretaries Colombo, Partners/Directors, ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system implemented by our firm. This policy statement will be communicated to all interested parties via our corporate website.