Arbitration / Litigation

Arbitration is a fundamentally different approach to managing and resolving disputes.
Successful arbitration requires experienced practitioners, trained in the relevant legal rules and procedures. For international disputes, practitioners must also be sensitive to cross-cultural considerations.

Our approach is strategic, with a single minded emphasis on identifying and meeting out clients’ commercial objectives.

Our experienced team assists with:

  • drafting arbitration agreements
  • choosing the most appropriate arbitrator
  • expert analysis of the pros and cons of suitable venues
  • choosing the appropriate type of arbitration for the dispute
  • identifying innovative processes to reduce the time and cost of dispute resolution
  • conducting the proceedings and providing strategic advice
  • advice on where and how to enforce awards and conducting enforcement proceedings


Our aim is to resolve your problem with the minimum of fuss, cost and legal intervention.

Disputes are a part of doing business. To minimize the impact of a dispute, swift, accurate advice is needed .If one can resolve a dispute without the need for litigation, so much the better, hence we believe strongly in alternate dispute resolution

But sometimes court action is inevitable. This means you don’t just get a litigator. You get a lawyer with in-depth expertise in the subject at hand together with best advocacy. Our litigators are revered specialists.

We devise litigation strategies that realistically identify the prospects of success and focus on achieving commercial outcome and result for clients.