Social Responsibility Levy (SRL) is imposed under Finance Act and a levy of 1% (from 1.4.2006 on income tax) on taxes and levies chargeable under following statue

Share Transaction Levy (STL)

With effect from April 1, 2005, a levy on buying or selling of shares through the Stock exchange and rate 0.2% of the price at the time buying and 0.2% at the time of selling. No income tax shall be paid under Inland Revenue Act, if Share Transaction Levy has been charged.

Tourist Board Development Levy (TDL)

Every institution licensed under the Tourist Development Act No. 14 of 1968 other than on the commission on the sale of airline tickets from travel Agents including General sales agent, shall pay Tourist Development Levy (TDL) at a rate of 1% on total turnover after deducting Value Added Tax and Service Charges